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Clever Carbon

Clever Carbon

Calculate your carbon footprint. Share it online. Help your company reduce theirs. Encourage other businesses to carbon-label.

I've been building clever carbon's website since its inception at the beginning of 2020. First we built a lovely, dynamic carbon footprint quiz with a custom results page - from scratch. Then we created a comprehensive, downloadable and visual list of commonly used items (along with their carbon footprint).

We also created a carbon footprint coffee menu which you can print and take to your favourite café for free.

In 2021, we created a system where companies can incorporate good carbon friendly practices in exchange for points and rewards. We also offer team building sessions, quiz whitelabeling, API integrations and more.

Update 15 Sept 2021:

clever carbon is one of Elementor's sites of the month for August 2021.

View the website here.