Whiskey Hunt

Bar & Craft
Los Angeles, USA

Bar and Craft’s Whiskey Hunt is a directory of rare and fine whiskeys. Visit whiskey hunt here.

I built Whiskey Hunt in Bubble. It’s a fully-featured app:

  • Algolia-powered search
  • Autocomplete & geolocate
  • Magic login emails
  • Account & listing management
  • Website integration
  • Responsive design
  • PWA compatible

It’s also really tiny and fun to use.

Bubble Workflows

The functionality is handled with no code by Bubble’s workflows:

Bubble’s workflow view
Bubble's workflows require no code.

This means that the clients themselves can make changes and edits in future. That’s a part of what makes a well-made website: making sure that the app is usable by all its intended users, including the client.

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