I'm Ben Wilde.

I build well-made websites.

Ben Wilde

External Link Icons in Hugo

I just launched a little update to my website that includes a markdown hook, making all links open safely in a new tab.

Ben Wilde

How I used Hugo to build well-made

It’s my first big website update of the year! In general, I produce very low code sites using technologies like Webflow and Bubble.

Ben Wilde

What are well-made websites?

Update My idea of well-made websites is more clear and concise than ever before, so I updated this post from 25/05/2021 and re-published it.

Ben Wilde

2021 Retrospective

Henlo. Today, in a reflective mood, I took a walk around my neighbourhood.

Ben Wilde

Project Lloyd

Update This post was updated and re-published. The original post was published 09/01/2022.