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I'm Ben Wilde — a developer who works with startups looking to push digital boundaries and create excellent user experiences.
I also love cats.

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The things I do

Digital Consulting

Kickstart your ideas with the right tech
Set your online development strategy
Future-proof your digital product

UI/UX Design

Translate your brand into digital
Platform-specific designs
Beautiful motion and illustrations

Web Development

Use cutting-edge frameworks & platforms
Best-practice, high performance builds
Ongoing support and management



Ensure compliance, usability and performance with audits for speed, SEO and accessibility.

Selected Projects

Over the years, I've partnered with startups of all sizes and various stages to create some truly unique products.

A better way to


When I got my first computer in 1999, it was easy to find what you needed with simple search engines, and websites were visually simple, and to-the-point.

In 2022, search engines purposely get in the way to encourage you to interact with advertisements, you're tracked and profiled constantly, and content is bulky and unreadable thanks to "search engine optimisation".

I think there's a better way to internet, and it all starts with how we build websites.



A good user experience means making sure everything is easy to find and fun to use, for everyone - even cats.



Nobody wants to have their personal data tracked and stored. I use privacy-friendly alternatives like Plausible.



I help my clients to find Google-free alternatives, to keep their websites running quickly and to respect their users' data and right to choice.



From my hosting to my development approach, I consider Website Carbon throughout the process.



I've been building websites for 15 years. I've been part of the development from simple, static HTML pages to dynamic, content-driven systems that talk to each other. I've used countless platforms and frameworks, worked on hundreds of online projects, and continued to stay up to date in emerging concerns, such as accessibility and web carbon.

My role starts at the very beginning of your journey - from setting your online tech strategy, choosing the ideal stack, and future-proofing your product for years to come. From initial consultation, through design and no-code building, to launch and support, I'm always there for you. I don't just build websites - I launch and maintain digital experiences the right way.

Projects Done
Years of Exprerience
Happy cat 🐱

Some of thecats I love

Client testimonials

Some lovely comments from my clients around the world.

I would hire Ben in a heart beat!

"I have been working with Ben for almost 2 years now. Ben is a talented developer, able to use his arsenal of code and skills to solve technical challenges. He always delivers projects on time and is an honest individual. He has a strong knack for animations and bringing life to a website. He's also well-versed in sustainable practices to help minimize the carbon footprint of websites."

Michelle Li
Founder at clevercarbon.io

Ben is an extraordinary developer.

"The entire project was smooth sailing. We had crystal clear communication and were able to achieve a fantastic end result. This was done in a timely manner, even with a sizable time difference between the two of us. There aren't enough great things I can say about Ben, I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Founder at Bar & Craft

No hesitation in recommending Ben

"I have worked with Ben on a number of projects. I have found him to be professional, hard-working, technically excellent, and easy to work with. Ben consistently produces high quality work, is able to pick up new tools and methods, and looks for the right way to do something, rather than just putting something out there and moving on."

Andy H.
Web developer

I wouldn't go elsewhere for develoment jobs.

"Ben has been essential to some of my personal projects. He goes out of his way to find the ideal solution to everything I ask him (even if that means using skills and apps he's never used before). He's always fair in his billing, and the speed of his work means it ends up costing less to hire Ben than it does to hire someone with a lower rate."

Stephen Lloyd

Words from my brain

Content warning: Long, rambly articles about almost nothing.

Making links more accessible by default
Static sites
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I'm Ben Wilde — a developer who works with startups looking to push digital boundaries.